February 25, 2015

The Frenzied SLPs - What I LOVE

Since it's February and we are still talking about looooooooooove, I decided to share with you one thing that I love to do. READ.

I have made it a goal this year to read one Bible Devotional book, one personal book (fiction or nonfiction), and one professional book every few months.  I love learning and could read about speech pathology/auditory-verbal therapy all day long.

Recently, I attended our state speech convention and had the great pleasure of hearing Dr. Teri Bellis speak regarding CAPD.  It was fascinating! So, of course, I picked up her book to add to my list.

Here is what's on my professional book shelf for this year. I purchased some of these on Amazon and some through Barnes and Noble.

When the Brain Can't Hear  Dr. Teri Bellis
Foundations of Spoken Language for Hearing-Impaired Children Dr. Daniel Ling
50 FAQs About AVT (Auditory-Verbal Therapy) Warren Estabrooks
Speech and the Hearing-Impaired Child: Theory and Practice Dr. Daniel Ling
Auditory-Verbal Therapy and Practice Warren Estabrooks
Bringing Words to Life Isabel Beck

What's on your reading list?